At Orbixa Technologies Ltd., we pride ourselves on helping clients find undiscovered value through innovation. Here’s a short list of proud accomplishments along the way:

Risk Management Systems

Orbixa Technologies' risk management systems eschew set parameters and hard-coded rules. Instead, risk is identified and controlled using proprietary dynamic models. Good performance leads to wider boundaries, while lagging performance activates protective mechanisms that shield against greater uncertainty.

This allows our clients to push their advantage when factors align in their favour, and still find maximum value in downturns. Orbixa Technologies’ models have been successfully applied to trading, venture consulting, and technology management services.

Unique Alternative Trading System(ATS) Business Model

It’s taking more than ever to stand out in the increasingly fragmented world of trading venues. Trade execution is getting faster, algorithms are getting smarter, and order sizes are getting smaller. Orbixa Technologies’ partner exchanges compete in the ATS technological arms race with the best of them, but go even further with unique pricing models.

Quote MTF (Europe) and Omega ATS (Canada) both eschew tiered pricing models. Instead, they offer customers a no-frills liquidity source with floor-breaking fees for liquidity removers and equity-potential for liquidity providers.